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This piece is extremely relaxing. I agree with all of LSD's comments. I think you improved a lot recently. If this track had a slightly better mix, it would be an instant favorite.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much! The ADM certainly gave me motivation to improve. :)

I think this piece has a very solid start that evokes a lot of emotion and clearly tells a story, but I think that the execution in the second half is not as good. The instrumentation is great, and I especially like the choir. I feel like some of the drum patterns are out of sync or I just can't make sense of their rhythms at times. When the sub bass fx was reused at 2:33, it felt way too cheesy. Anyway, I enjoyed the beginning but I found myself getting distracted by the things I mentioned above during much of the second half.

AceMantra responds:

Hey! Thanks for leaving your thoughts! :)
Something went wrong during the exporting process that caused the drums to fall out of sync. I thought I had less time than I did, but now I actually have a chance to address some of the parts that make me cringe (all of it).

This is one of the most unique tracks I ever heard. 1:05-1:19 was my favorite part. The transition at 2:34 is awesome!

Onefin responds:

I think your favorite part should be 1:48. :3

thanks man!

The composition is beautiful and exuberant! This is one of my favorite submissions thus far.

AzulJazz responds:

Thx so much friend

The atmosphere is fantastic, and the mix is very pleasing. I love the instrumentation, especially the chimes. I can imagine myself listening to this in a rpg.

My only complaint is that there isn't enough variation considering it's six minutes long.

This is one of your best pieces imo, from the ones I listened to.

Kysertron responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

I totally agree with you the whole way through. This was a very quick experiment (only took just over 2 hours 15 minutes) that somehow came out to be one of my best pieces. Apparently, I tend to lose variation with the more cinematic music I make (you can tell that the composition/arrangement is the same through most of my music).

The chimes were rather a special touch to this song, along with the timpani/snare rolls (forte-piano rolls with a gradual crescendo actually... pretty fun in my opinion :P).

A lot of the cinematic music I do now is usually what I have picked up from school and self-research from the past 5 years or so (all that has sure paid off :D).

Just a little note: The experiment was to make most of the song with a minor chord progression. I have not tried it before, but it seemed to work well (even though I stepped outside the rules a little bit). I might do it again some time in the future. :D

This is a beautiful track! The atmosphere is lovely, and I like the unconventional mix of instruments. It sounds very uplifting.

My only complaint is that I think it sounds very condensed. In other words, I think that there isn't enough repetition, and this piece would be catchier and more memorable if some of the sections lasted longer.

ColinMuir responds:

yeah i can agree with that, haha, i kind of scare myself of repetition too often. Thank you. :)
Side note: i realized its too condensed, as its called condensation.

I think this is one of your best short pieces :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:


This genre is not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed this a lot! I don't have much to say except that it was very relaxing :)

KamillasRainbow responds:

Thank you :)

This is phenomenal! Reverb isn't usually something that stands out in a track, but the way it's used here is glorious.

larrynachos responds:

I think I actually paid attention to the reverb settings on each insert, instead of just fiddling with the wet knob until I liked it

This is very relaxing to listen to :D The atmosphere and sound design is nice. The main thing I dislike is that the piano playing sounds unrealistic.

SplatterDash responds:

Thank you so much for the review! Ultimately the piano playing most likely sounds unrealistic because of the balance I was trying to achieve between the device and the brightness (not sounding too dark while also sounding realistic), but it's apparent I gave priority to one over the other lol. Really happy that you enjoyed this :)

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