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I really love this piano. It suits your style better than the NI ones imo. The song has a very pensive mood, and it spurred me to have a daydream during my first listen :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I really like it too! As I mentioned, I'll just have to get used to it. But when it comes to the heavy and powerful dynamics, this piano definitely is able to capture them better. If I ever get to my project or releasing an album with my best piano works, this is the piano I'm going to use.
I hope the daydream was enjoyable! :D

This is one of my favorite songs of yours. I think I criticized your melodies several times in the past, but you really nailed it this time :) The melody is simple, super catchy, well-orchestrated, and it fits with the background perfectly. I love the melodic adornments too; you're really good at that! I think this song is close to perfect :D

endKmusic responds:

Hearing this from you means very much.
Your constructive criticism indeed (especially about melodies) had an impact to my musical thinking in general. Glad it came to this moment. :D
Much thanks! <3

There are many lovely melodies in here, and the orchestration is mostly good. I think the secondary melodic lines (I don't really know what to call it) sound divergent and distracting at times, but there are some instances of nice countermelodies. I like the layered leads. I wish the drum beats were faster, but the song sounds pretty relaxing and enjoyable nonetheless.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you for taking the time to review, Everratic! Your feedback is appreciated. Interestingly enough, the track itself runs at a fairly steady 150bpm until the ritardando (decrease in speed) at the end.

The rhythm of the drum beats is pretty much by design, and I'm personally really happy with the percussion, but music is nothing if not subjective. Regardless, I'm glad that you still enjoyed my little musical tale! ^__^

This is my favorite song from the OST. It's so uplifting.

EverReverb responds:

Thanks :) I agree that this one was the best of the bunch.

This makes good background music. I listened to it while reading the news and had a relaxing experience :) I don't see this as a bad thing; songs have different purposes, and background music is a legitimate purpose.

Much of it sounds like noodling, but there are some interesting phrases here and there that provide sufficient stimulation while I actively listen.

I like that you used several different articulations. The tremolo is a nice touch.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, BO! I'll certainly make some more engaging content in the near future, but I'm glad you appreciate it for what it is. :)

This sounds quite novel thanks to the accordion. The song is so energetic and catchy — not what I expected at first. I hope you use accordion more often!

NahuPyrope responds:

Thank you<3, I know we've never talked properly but I follow your works too!

The composition is wonderful :'D

boshydude responds:

Thank you so much, made my day

This is amazing. I adore all the ornamental features. The usage of chimes is wonderful. The instruments sounds pretty realistic to me. I wish you guys would upload more frequently!

Step responds:

Aw thanks for the encouraging comments BlueOceans!

Our upload frequency is dependent on our music-making frequency, which has been criminally low lately :(.

Thanks again for dropping by!

nice pun! I enjoyed this a lot :)

Zoonotist responds:

What's up! Thanks for dropping by! :D

I love this song so much. I'm really impressed by how you're able to make a synth sound as expressive as a real instrument. I also like that the melodic lead goes into multiple octaves.

1f1n1ty responds:

you can thank miyolophone + ethansight for the lead advice, they're very helpful

Hi. I'm a self-taught orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com


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