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I’m so jealous of your orchestration skills! This is your most eargasmic song yet.

VociferousMusic responds:

Thank you very much! It's just a matter of practice I guess. I don't know how many thousands of hours I have spent on making music.
You are on a very good way either I can tell! I enjoyed your latest work a lot and your works suits the cinematic scene so much!

Despite this being a WIP, I really enjoyed it. The sound design is awesome, and I'm looking forward to the final version.

stardew responds:

thank you EverErratic! glad to hear you enjoyed it (:

This brings back many fun memories because I played Splatoon competitively for a couple years. This is awesome, and you really nailed the splatoon vibe.

I love the solos. One of the melodies reminds me of something you played at Guitar Center.

How did you make the vocals sound like the ones in Splatoon?

LunacyEcho responds:

ooooh didn't know you played splatoon!! that's so awesome haha, glad you liked the vibe

and yes! the main melody is one that i'd been sitting on for a while, and i was totally noodling on it at guitar center—i'm pleasantly surprised you noticed :D

okay so the vocal thing is a little complicated and i followed a youtube tutorial—you pitchshift a normal vocal track (logic has a thing that also lets you adjust the formant/overtones), EQ it so that it's limited to a thin band around the 1k range, then use an autofilter to oscillate the resonance

tbh i don't know what half those words mean but this video explains it pretty well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVA48I2n-qQ

This is extremely catchy, and I love your attention to detail. I keep noticing new things in each listen. The subtle grace notes in particular are a nice touch.

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback EE!
Much appreciated! <3

This is beautiful :'D

Miyolophone responds:

thank you!!

I think this is the best song you ever made <3

LunacyEcho responds:

wow that's high praise, thanks so much!! :D <3

I listened to this on repeat for 20 minutes without realizing it. Your music really helps me focus on my work when I would otherwise be distracted.

zybor responds:

Thank you for your review, Everratic!

I love the climaxes. and the sound design is awesome across the board. I don't have any significant criticism; this is quite a solid song :)

endKmusic responds:

Thanks a lot, as always! :)

Listening to this in the background helped me complete my work. Thanks :)

zybor responds:

Thank you so much

This is very relaxing. I like some of the improv lines, and the chord progressions are wonderful. I think this is quite a danceable song, though I have no way to know with certainty :P

Besides the obvious points, a couple things I would charge are making the piano slightly softer (with EQ), and cutting out some of the bass’s high end. I think these changes would make the song much easier to listen to on repeat; I found it to be a little fatiguing as is despite greatly enjoying the composition.

I’m surprised by how well you can create totally different styles of music!

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you. This is more relaxed than a typical Salsa that's for sure.
Regarding your comments about mixing, those are fair points. I'll probably return to this sometime with a fresh set of ears with your comments in mind. In the meantime, I did notice that because of the style, there's a lot of high end in general and that's new for me when writing pieces. It might be tiresome on the ears if listened on headphones, but this style is meant to be danced to over speakers in a room. And perhaps with tons of drinking involved as well. The Salsa references I used to arrange and mix this all were heavy on the bass and high on 1k &10k range. And the bass has some artifacts between 500-1k, because I was using an upright bass sample. I wanted to keep some of that acoustic/live feel in the bass. All fair, but I haven't gotten any critique from 8Dio about EQing these parts so I left it as is for them. The main thing they didn't want was the guitar solo at the end so I left it in the version for Newgrounds instead.

Hi. I'm an orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com

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