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This is extremely fun to listen to :D

Santi-Montali responds:

Glad you liked it! I'll be listening to yours in a bit :)

This is my favorite cover of this song <3

anthonyragus responds:

Yooo, thanks you for your kind words. Speaking of your reply to my comment and dynamic EQs, TDR Nova was crucial in taming those wompy frequencies in the rhodes. Bass range sure can be a wild beast.

It's so beautiful <3

Phonometrologist responds:

Hi Everratic! Glad you think so. Doubt creeps in between the time of creation and publishing.

This is an amazing composition with so much detail. The female choir section is gorgeous. I like the use of runs throughout the piece to add excitement.

I'm going to slightly disagree with the comments about the mix being subpar - it's not that bad, and the use of reverb and mic positions is pretty good. I think there are larger flaws in the orchestration. Some lines are played too low on their respective instruments, and it results in a lot of masking and poor projection. I think that transposing to a higher key, replacing the instruments in some lines with ones that have better projection, and the use of doubling can tremendously improve the overall sound before you deal with EQ, compression, etc.

CloakedSoup responds:

Haha The sub par thing was something I said in the NG discord and now everyone from there is trolling me. XD Thanks for the review though!

I totally understand the feeling of not having enough time to make your song sound the way you hoped, but this isn't bad. I like the melody, sound design and use of vocals.

I think the mix sounds overhyped in the highs and the type of reverb you're using sounds unpleasant to me. I imagine a cleaner reverb could make this sound significantly better, but I'm not certain. EQing both the lows and highs of the reverb instances can help a bit.

Benji-G responds:

Hey there, thanks for the review! I gotta agree with you that it does sound pretty overhyped in the highs. There's a lot of supersaw action going on in the drop, which is probably why it sounds that way. I could go in and lower some of those frequencies and see if that helps it. Thanks again!

This is indeed very emotional. I really like the chord choices and harmonies :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for listening!

I generally enjoy the composition, especially the pretty section at 3:00. The structure is solid, and the intro and outro are well executed. I do, however, feel like this is an outline of a track to be completed.

One prominent problem is the apparent lack of dynamics automation and variation. The orchestra can be played at many different levels of volume/intensity, and this effects the timbre and utility of all the instruments. Modern sample libraries usually have at least 3 layers. It's important to use these different layers to make each phrase more expressive and properly shaped, and to strengthen the contrast in intensity between sections. When working with sample libraries, be mindful of the machine gun effect that occurs when you repeat the same sample repeatedly. Some solutions are to vary the velocity with each note, use a specialized library with multiple samples for each note type, or switch between different articulations.

I think you can employ more string articulations. For example, tremolo can be nice at :23 and 2:02. Harmonics could be useful in the intro and outro.

I think the :30 section could use a lot more movement. Runs can be quite useful here.

At 1:40, the horn sounds like it's hitting the compressor hard. I think trumpets would be more comfortable there.

At 2:40 the piano is masked by the strings. You could double the line with another percussive instrument,

At 2:45 the cello melody is not very noticeable in its lower register. The line could be doubled with another string instrument or woodwind. Also, when the cello is reaches its highest notes, you can swap it with viola/violin so it feels more natural.

In the outro, it sounds like all the piano notes are being played at the same velocity. It might help make the bass and middle note slightly softer.

Although I think you did a good job establishing a certain vibe with each section, I do think this track has more melodic potential. I didn't notice a memorable melody throughout the piece.

Good luck! I don't typically write such detailed reviews in ngadm, but in this case I had a lot to say, and there's still time before the deadline to make changes.

RedCocoa responds:

Damn, that's a very in depth review, thanks :D
I'm going to test your suggestions out, this is pretty much the first pure orchestra piece I wrote so I was almost sure I made some mistakes. Hopefully I'll manage to update the track before the deadline lol

Nice work! This is very relaxing, and there are many interesting chords and effects :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why thank you! I'm glad it was interesting. I took an unusual (for me) approach to composing this one.

I love it!

zybor responds:

Thank you Everratic 😊

This is one of my favorites from the round <3 It's so relaxing and beautiful. The ending could be a bit more interesting.

Kassich responds:

Thank you for the review, and for listening to all of the submissions!

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