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Fantastic! And I have to say that your accent here is quite interesting :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Damn you. But thanks ;)
And good night!

This was one of my favorites from the competition. Music rarely has an emotional impact on me; I usually solely listen to music in an analytical manner, but your upbeat music actually puts me in a good mood. Your drumming is superb as always (and thank you to Johnfn for revealing you as the musician during the competition :p ). I really like the sound design; it's so nostalgic and playful. Nice work!

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks, BlueOceans! I'm glad that it had an effect on you—in the end, isn't that what writing music is all about? :)

And grrrr that darn johnfn giving away secrets

I'm a big fan of your compositional tendencies. I just wish you developed some of your songs more.

GreyHooves responds:

Hmm, I definitely can understand you on that. Sometimes I have a lot of pieces I work on at the same time, so some of those tracks end up not getting as much attention as some of the others. I mean, this track is not only short, it also just repeats itself, which is definitely me just getting lazy about it, and a bad habit I have with some of my tracks. I think I just envisioned it as something that would loop during a chase scene in a game (that doesn't exist). I should probably come back to this one and make it a fully fleshed out piece.

This is more entertaining than the original :p Seriously, you had some amusing voices :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh God this exists still, hahha :'D
Why thanks ;)

Wow, this is quite a complex and polished song. There are small details to be found everywhere. This is a nice feat considering the length!

The atmosphere here is excellent. It becomes better as the song progresses, and there’s always something interesting going on in the background. Thanks to all the various effects, fx, and changing instrumentation, the song retains my interest for the entire duration.

So I like the orchestral elements of the track from a compositional perspective, but the sounddesign is lackluster. In particular, the percussion and violin sound muted and lifeless. I don’t necessarily expect vibrant instrumentation during a quieter part of the track, but I desire higher quality and more expression. The pads and other ambient sounds during these parts sound flat themselves, but they layer nicely.

I like the electronic sound design very much, except for some minor things here and there. For instance, the piano sounds slightly too bright.

Awesome transition around the 4:30 mark; that was brilliant execution!

I found the drops to be extremely underwhelming, especially considering the long wait times. I think one problem that arises with this kind of hybrid is that one may expect vastly different emotional expression and development from both genres, and that can make it difficult to sate one’s expectations after a genre shift. With that said, the drops as standalone music sound pretty good.

The arrangement is not bad per se, but for me, the lack of a satisfying drop detracts from the overall experience. I think the intro is solid; however, the ending, although well-executed, seems premature. I expected the song to return to its roots.

Despite all my negative thoughts, because of how complex this song is, it’s hard to have a negative impression of it. There are many minor yet likable elements that add up :)

EctiBot responds:

Thanks for the detailed review BO :). I read your review a long time ago and I was fully planning on revamping the track based on it, but I had to travel and time kinda slipped away from me. I think the drops are underwhelming is a bit too grand to be followed up by a
light happy buildup. Agreed with the orchesttal percussion. I really should have worked more on the mixing for them, but stuff like that always tend to go under my radar :/.
I'm planning on sticking with fusion music for a while because I really want to learn how to make a track combined of different genres still be coherent.
Thanks a lot for the feedback yet again:)

Fantastic! And the lyrics are great!

Ceevro responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

You're an entertaining speaker. and I enjoyed the podcast. I'm looking forward to hearing the upcoming tracks, and reading the judges' reviews, which I learned a lot from in previous years. I'll miss Step's reviews though :(

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks, BlueOceans! I'm glad that you enjoyed listening. It's also great to hear that you're going to keep up with the NGADM, and I want you to know that I was personally rooting for you. Sticking with your first track may have been a better choice, but hey--who knows? That's the risk of changing tracks midstream.

We all miss Step and his unbelievably in-depth reviews! I did try to convince him to actually enter the contest this year, but he's just way too busy. Such is life.

The intro was too repetitive, and it evoked the hatred that was buried deep within me.

Sequenced responds:

edit 2018: wow I completely missed the blatant sarcasm in your review LOL


Bruh it's a fucking dj intro

Every fucking track on beatport is even more repetitive than this track I garuntee you.

Stop calling it repetitive when it's clearly a dj intro lmao

The sound design is superb! I love the slower drum beat section and the key change at the end. The crashes seemed a bit loud but maybe it's from my headphones. The lyrics are simple, but they sound nice and prominent.

HappyHype responds:

Thanks mate :)

This was one of my favorite tracks of the round. It fits the theme well and it's high in uniqueness.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why thank you! I was definitely going for uniqueness. That said, the round was full of really great tracks. Like yours! ;)

Hi. I'm an orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com

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