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This was one of the most upbeat, energetic songs I've heard in a long time. I enjoyed everything; there's nothing in particular I want to critique. And your synth skills are way ahead of mine so there's not much I could say anyway :)

Weed seems to be the secret tool for making one's music sound great :D

Zoonotist responds:

thank you for your review.

leukemia gives you tons of pain and fatigue during later stages. it's painful and hurt everywhere. feel like an old man. when every medication failed me, i turned to drug. weed to ease my pain, especially i smoke and vape regularly that when i become so numb, i felt no pain. i do acid, DMT, 2cb or even Zoloft because they give me good mood. it also helps me cope with the cutthroat day job that keep myself alive. imagine someone's dying gotta work double shift because he'll die quicker on the street without working. ain't life beautiful!

making music is to give myself a reason to stay alive. i would probably off myself ages ago, if not for music and NG. Leukemia gives you the worst painful death ever. i have been thinking lately, to OD myself on LSD and let it be. let it be...

congratulations on the front page! This is a great loop that has interesting sound design.

Zoonotist responds:

holycrap, frontpage!!! :O

thanks for the review dude! and thanks to the mod who frontpaged me and everyone else!


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks ^ ^

:39 this is my favorite melodic phrase in the song :D

This is much more memorable than typical jazz music, which is a good thing imo. I like that you didn't hesitate to use many chordal notes.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm pretty happy with that part as well! I was surprised by how easy it was to get into composing this once I got started. As you probably noticed, you have this piano sample too. It can be pretty nice for certain styles of songs!

I agree that it's a bit more memorable; that's actually part of what I tried to achieve. I was inspired by a couple songs, one being Cait Sith's Theme from FFVII, and the other one being "You've Got a Friend In Me" by Randy Newman.

I listened to this the day it was published but I somehow forgot to favorite it. I usually avoid this genre of music, but your song has so much variation and depth. I love how you establish different rhythms through out the song. The vocals are great. The bass pad is incredible; it drives the song's power and emotion, yet it doesn't change much. Once it's removed, the song sounds so empty, which is a good way to transition into the end.

Zoonotist responds:

:) Thank you very much for your review! This means a lot!

This was amazing. It sounds somewhat like classical music from previous centuries. I love the violin modulatuons.

Bosa responds:

It takes a lot of talented people to make high quality music these days, so I'm blessed to be where I am today. Thank you for the kind words!

Your chord progression is brilliant! It has a lovely contrast between major and minor chords. The mix is crowded, but I can tell you did it intentionally to make the instruments more harmonious. The strings quality is incredible considering you used a soundfont; the sustain is constant because it extend's the song's powerful emotions. I'm very happy for you for what you accomplished through your dedication to music and your willingness to invest in high quality instruments :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, BO (BlueOceans, not Body Odor...).
Ahh yes, like a major outbreak of happiness, juxtaposed with a minor criminal offence; such is the atmosphere I was going for with this song. Hopefully, the harmonies struck your heartstrings, like the lightning strikes the sea. The sustain is born from the motion of my foot on the sustain pedal, alike the motions of waves in an ocean, creating a powerful surge of emotions, with a mixture of the breezing wind, and a salty smell.
You're welcome for being allowed to listen to this masterpiece, by yours truly.

I listened to this song soon after it was published but I forgot to review it. I just listened to the original before coming here. Your piano improv is much more interesting than the bland playing in the original. You have a great singing voice. With a different accent, I can imagine you sounding like certain English pop singers. Besides for pronouncing th as d, you seem to pronounce some vowels slightly differently. This isn't a negative criticism, I just want you to be aware of it. I enjoyed the cover, and next time this song's melody comes to my mind, I'll listen to your cover first.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oops, almost missed this in my feed! Thank you for the nice words!
Yeah, I definitely need to work tons on my pronunciation (I also need to train away my slight lisp at some point).
This piano improv isn't even close to being the best one in regards to this piece that I've played! But this is the one I happened to record, with a steady tempo. But there's a lot that can be done with this piece :)
Don't worry about me taking the critisim as negative; in fact, I appreciate it! ^ ^

I actually have a RAW phone recording of me singing this at a later point, although in the original key:


Even if I had a cold at the time, and the quality is obv worse, my performance was a bit better (aside from 1:41 and a few other parts). Thanks for relistening and reviewing!

The song's mood doesn't become too happy or sad. You played melodies that would sound happy or sad with certain chords, but you used different chords, so the listener doesn't get the expected satisfaction. For this reason, for me, the song symbolizes apathy.

I love the rhythm change at 2:42.

The chords you used in this piece remind me of the music I listened to as a child, so it brings back memories that are rarely recalled. Major scales were rarely used, and songs of all emotions had diminished chords.

This is a great song for the end of the year :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I do agree that there's no clearly happy or sad part in the piece, although the atmosphere clearly varies a bit from part to part. Interestingly, while I do get that certain aspects of the piece sound apathic, I see the piece as someone going through a mental battle, if you will. Or maybe even a collective, since part of the inspiration is how weird this year turned out to be. But I personally, feel a bit of hopefulness and effort/dedication (almost like a struggle) in the piece as well. The ending though, as you can hear, isn't necessarily the happiest one. It's more of a limbo, where the future remains unknown. So I guess apathy could be quite apt, after all!

Also, I'm glad if the piece isn't predictable, as long as that doesn't make it sound bad!
2:42 is probably my own personal rhythmic favorite as well :)

Oh, what music did you use to listen to as a child :O?
I tried to use a variety of both normal, and more unusual chord combintions, with a lot of variation, and versatile chords (along with some chromatic basslines).

Thank you for your review :DDD

This song reminds me of etherealwind! Classical music with piano is my favorite type of music!

I like the seventh chords in the beginning. Those chords sound great together, but I rarely hear them in popular music.

The christmas sounds seem like they don't belong. I associate those sounds with happy, major chords, but this song sounds like it can be played during mourning.

The harp sounded serene at first, but due to the mixing, it sounded fake once it reached the highest notes.

I like the chord progression with the strings, however, it overpowered the piano. Your selection of chords is amazing; they create several different moods within the song. In my mind, these moods reflect the sadness for the loss while also highlighting the accomplishment's of this person's life.

The ending was underwhelming. I would have liked to hear something more explosive to emphasize the mournful mood.

I like the piano playing, melodies, chord progression, and instrument choices, but the poor mixing detracts from the experience and the ending leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

I hope you feel better soon :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

You saying that this reminds you of EtherealWinds is a great compliment! Thanks a ton for that <3

If you like classical piano, you might like the next composition I'm planning on uploading! Although it'll be solo piano. It's just difficult to record, since it's long, and complex :V

I love major seventh chords as well, so I'm glad to hear you appreciate them as well :D
I've always found your interpretation of sounds interesting, since it seems to be a tad different from what others feel! Although there certainly are sadder hints, I associate them more with longing, while the refrain of the song which is repeated several times, is mostly happy!
This is more multilayered than most Christmas songs though, that's for certain.

I agree about the harp on the higher notes. I knew about that while I was making it too, but I didn't have time to do anything about it.

I'm aware that both the choirs at the end, and the strings earlier overpower the piano. The reason I chose to have it this way, is because I personally wanted to emphasise the new instruments, since the piano was recorded back in 2014.

The thing is, I don't necessarily feel that this song in essence, is mournful, which is why I ended on a calmer note. The chords at least, are very conclusive, and head more towards the future than towards the past, in feeling.

I probably couldn't play this as well now as I did two years ago, without practicing for quite a while, so I'll have to agree that the playing is quite good! The poor mixing is a shame, but I decided that celebrating the event, is more important than honoring it flawlessly ;)

I'm still sick, but there's a lot to do before the year ends still, so I won't let that stop me!
Thank you for listening, as well for the well wishes and the long review! ^ ^

Hi. I'm a self-taught orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com


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