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I liked all the detail you put in the song. You definitely spend a lot more time on your songs than I do. I loved that wave splashing sound in the beginning, can you please tell me how you did it? At 1:07 when the bells came in, I did not like the hi hats you put on top of it, it was very unnecessary. The bassline you used is very common and not unique at all. I used to use it all the time actually, but now I stopped. I think this song needed a few sweep effects in some places. I thought your bass notes were too high, but if the bass instrument you used doesn't sound right on the lower notes, then it's fine.

SoulofT responds:

hi thanks a lot for the review :)
Yeah I pride myself with spending a lot of time doing small things on the songs. The wave splashing sound is actually a sound effect I downloaded off a video on youtube (search: rainymood) lol it's really easy. I agree those hi-hats add extra high frequencies which just makes it sound bad. Also with the bassline thing I lack experience in music theory thus the unoriginal bassline, something I have to work on. I actually have a lot of sweeps in this song though, but yeah a few moments needed that listening to it again.. also I actually like the fact that the bass notes are an octave higher lol :))

again, thanks for the review!

The reason why this song received a 3.75 is because people vote 0 on songs for no good reason.
It is a very happy song. It made me feel happy too. I thought the bass was very repetitive, im glad you stopped it for a little at around 2:09. I also didn't like the sound of the bass, but that's just my opinion. I liked the sound of all your other instruments though. I didn't like the ending. The bass and drum beat just stops so suddenly into the main melody and there isn't even a fade out. You also didn't give the song enough time for the delay/reverb to end on the last note.

kopacetic responds:

Thanks for the feedback. There are some things I wished I could add on, but it is what it is.

Your songs remind me of DJ Contacreast.

viewtifulday responds:

I hope that's a good thing!

This was a really good song, but the crash at the end just didn't make sense and didn't sound right to me.

NinjaTomatoes responds:

yeah I agree and there's some things to be worked out with mixing. I may later release a newer remastered version.

This is amazing, probably one of the best songs I heard on newgrounds, and it isn't even finished. I think you should just continue with what you already have and add another 2 minutes to the song.

NinjaTomatoes responds:

Thank you, much appreciated :)

This is probably better than original. There is only 1 noticeable problem. The bass is too repetitive. I check newgrounds everyday to see if you have a new song :)

viewtifulday responds:

Haha, you're right! I didn't change the bass at all in the entire song :) Thanks for pointing that out--I'm going to make sure to fix that for future tracks.

And I'm flattered! Thank you so much for listening :D

This is a great song

I loved the melodies, and transitions, but all 3 parts (There were 3 parts to the song in my opinion) of the song were too repetitive. I think you make the song up to a 50 seconds shorter so it isn't so repetitive.
I rated 5/5 and 8/10

Namice responds:

Okay thanks.


Hi AV. I know you on smashboards.

Insanctuary responds:

Lol. Hello. :D

Hi. I'm a self-taught orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com

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