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You forgot to submit it as a loop.

Sequenced responds:

nope. it's just a trap!

I love this chord progression!

Xsalvaz responds:

Thanks! I've made some adjustments and posted them XD I can't wait to get this into a full track.

I really enjoyed it. I'm assuming this is not the final version because of the ending.

Sol responds:

Yeah, it's just another show off.

This sounds like a lot like a dance song imo. I don't know what chipstep is though.
The song was very catchy and was enjoyable to listen to. Im excited to hear it with vocals! :D

While the ending was very unique, it was a little annoying.

midimachine responds:

chipstep is basically chiptune dubstep but really it should just be called the chiptune section or something (even though chiptune/chip music isn't really a genre)

I agree you should remove the brass. I would keep the brass melody and try new instruments until it fits the song better.

I really liked your loop though.

steampianist responds:

haha i will take that into consideration. thank you for listening

I really liked it. I sounded a little empty though. More background instruments would have been good. Also, you should have made a real ending instead of just stopping the song.

Sol responds:

It's not a song silly. XD

Also, you're gonna learn something new today! :) Kick-n-Bass=completely OK! The point in intros is to build up and set a mood.

thnx though

Nearly whole song felt like an introduction to a song rather than a complete song. I was waiting for something exciting to happen, and it didn't. I lost full interest in your song 3/4's in.

The mixing, panning effects, and instruments were good.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Too bad to hear this wasn't your cup of tea!

Please spend more time on your songs, especially on the instruments and mixing. If you're not sure what to do, youtube tutorials can help a lot. Or you can ask other newgrounds users.

Xsalvaz responds:

No worries man, this was literally just me messing around for like 20 minutes. Not a real song from me at all :) Listen to Closer or Euphoria by Zenvo on SoundCloud to see my actual work.

The crashes were a little too loud. I think the song overall has a little too much reverb. Your melodies were very simple and weak.
I still enjoyed the song though :)

Sol responds:

I agree with you on the crash volume.

1. The song doesn't have reverb besides the lead, but I took off the wet on most of the layers so you wouldn't really tell.

2. You should never comment on one's melodies since that has nothing to do with producing. It's a taste thing. I am sorry you didn't like the melody, but the notes aren't random and are organized. So yeah, nothing is wrong in note choice.

This song was so relaxing and had some good melodies. I just wish the ending was more conclusive.

Blacklawn responds:

Wow, thanks! I'm really glad I was able to get your admiration despite that issue we had the other time with one of my songs.

And I'm working on a proper ending right now (I wasn't sure how to end it before)

Hi. I'm an orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com

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