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I'm amazed that you did all this in an hour! You made some really catchy melodies and it sounds so happy. I especially like the guitar that plays the chordal notes!

LunacyEcho responds:

Haha, most of the melodies aren't mine. I enjoy catchy melodies as much as (may a bit more?) the next guy, but I could never think of this much stuff in an hour. I'm really glad you liked it! :)

The song lacks an introduction. I like the drums, although they do sound monotonous and repetitive after a while. There is a decent amount of melodic variety; however, one of the leads played for the entire song, which became annoying. This sounds more like a combination of melodic ideas and drums than a song because there aren't any significant changes between the different parts. Most songs don't have an instrument playing for the entire duration. Instruments usually come and go, even the kick. My favorite part of the song is when the bell lead comes in. I like that melody the most. I actually like most of the melodies, but there isn't enough variety in the song to keep my interest. The instrument quality is a problem. I think you should search for free high quality soundfonts (try googleing "newgrounds soundfonts" and click on the first result) and maybe you can even buy a new vst. Alternatively, you can learn how to use your DAW's native synthesizers. I don't think a fade out was a good choice for the ending. Maybe you could have ended the song with the root chord or note. The mix is decent. I can hear all the instruments, but some melodic instruments are too loud, and the kick is too soft. The mix also sounds dry. I would have liked to hear more/better use of panning and reverb.

Sheeepie2 responds:

Thanks for the review :) Yeah, I struggle when it comes to effects and sound quality, I never know which dials to adjust and what exactly they do >_<

This is one of my favorite chord progressions. The song is very catchy! I like the melodies and counter melodies.
I miss listening to your music. Are you planning to make more songs?

LunacyEcho responds:

It's quite a fun chord progression, isn't it? :D It's basically another super-major-catchy-poppy chord progression that I enjoy using XD

I'm definitely going to write more songs! I'm just going through a bit of a busy period in school right now, haha. Thanks for the review! :D

This was my first pick in the contest. I love the theme that this song depicts in a short amount of time. It reminds me of one of my favorite hunter x hunter songs! I like all the instrument choices, and the waves are so simple but they add so much depth to the track.

EverReverb responds:

Hey, thanks a lot ^^! Your songs were awesome too.

This song sounds so much better with a story behind it! I finally understand the intro and outro. I was wrong when I said the outro shouldn't be conclusive because I didn't realize this was a story. I still don't like the intro but it makes sense now. The song is very catchy, has a great rhythm, and a great line up of soundfonts. I'm glad I voted for it.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks BlueOceans! :D Yeah, I felt with people not sure on the why things can become a little disjointed. I'll be for sure to take that into consideration for the next round. Make it more..listenable.

Thanks again!!

Hi, I compose orchestral music. I'm open to commissions. everratc@gmail.com


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