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I didn't like the transition at 1:26. That could have been much better.

I love the bassline, and I'm glad you changed the bass pattern this time so it's not just a kick followed by a bass note.

This song is so happy and emotional. It does make me think of the new year. I really like this one, however I wish this song was longer and had more of the chorus.

viewtifulday responds:

We're happy you approve

To be honest, I stopped listening to your songs for a while because they are so different from my taste. However, someone gave me a review once where they described my songs as ear candy, and since that's the title if this song, I had to listen to it.

You're extremely skilled with the use of reverb and delay. I'm not wearing headphones, and I can still hear the huge amount of reverb at times. But you did not use too much reverb, otherwise the song would sound badly mixed. I don't know how you did that, but I want to learn it.

I loved the synths and the background instruments. They made the song sound scary.

The reverse kicks did not sound right to me, I think that was unnecessary.

Some people might call the intro boring, but I think it does a great job of not revealing the rest of the song.

Sequenced responds:

Yeah, people have been mentioning that the reverse kick is sounds off, so I may change that in the future.

The trick with the reverb is using predelay.

Thanks for reviewing man. I'll probably check your music sometime this week.

Fun fact: this song has 3 different chord progressions after the dj intro. :)

I really like this remix, and I never heard the original song. It's so catchy and happy. Are you sure this is a dance song? It sounds like a pop song to me.
I think the ending could have been a lot better. It ends too suddenly for my taste.

viewtifulday responds:

I'm glad you like it! And as for the ending, it's supposed to loop forever :D

I enjoyed this a lot. Please make more songs in this genre!
I'm just curious, is this the same genre as Blackmill's music?

Sequenced responds:

He's more dubstep based.

The mixing is great. Everything sounds very clear and the kick sounds perfect. I like the effects and detune on your synths.
The song really needed a climax, or something that I would look forward to hearing the next time I listen to the song. I didn't feel this song had that.
I think the title is very misleading. Lazy Summer makes me think of sitting outside on a bright sunny day. This song seems really dark.

Sequenced responds:

5:06 was the climax.

Thanks for the review, bro!

The melodies are really good and sound like you put a lot of time into them. I had to remove 2 stars because the song had too much reverb and that took some enjoyment out of it.

Blacklawn responds:

Thanks. I guess I'll tone down the reverb.

You forgot to submit it as a loop.

Sequenced responds:

nope. it's just a trap!

I love this chord progression!

Xsalvaz responds:

Thanks! I've made some adjustments and posted them XD I can't wait to get this into a full track.

I really enjoyed it. I'm assuming this is not the final version because of the ending.

Sol responds:

Yeah, it's just another show off.

This sounds like a lot like a dance song imo. I don't know what chipstep is though.
The song was very catchy and was enjoyable to listen to. Im excited to hear it with vocals! :D

While the ending was very unique, it was a little annoying.

midimachine responds:

chipstep is basically chiptune dubstep but really it should just be called the chiptune section or something (even though chiptune/chip music isn't really a genre)

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