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I love the selection of instruments. They sound very realistic. The guitar is relaxing and enhances the melodies well. The melodies are what I would expect from this genre, but they're still enjoyable. The percussion instruments are interesting. They also sound realistic and add another layer of depth to the song. Although the vocals are good, I think you used too many effects on them and consequently, they don't fit with the rest of the song. In addition, I think you could EQ the vocals' high frequencies a little more. I like the firework and horse sounds! I keep hearing new details with every listen. I think the volume automation was a good idea, but maybe you could have raised the volume slightly less.

Congratulations on winning! I added this song to my favorites after my first listen.

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot BlueOceans. I am happy that you enjoyed my little track here! The guitar was a citaron which is a very medieval ancestor of the modern guitars. I have used a lot of instruments here which i didnt even know before this piece (i mean- have you ever heared of the nickelharpa for example? Crazy what great instruments existed in history which almost noone knows anymore these days.

Yeah i also think that i used too many effects on the voice. Like i wrote in other replies i am definitely not good when it comes to headphone mixing. Maybe thats a personal problem that especially i have. But if i am listening on monitors it just feels so damn different in comparison to the headphones while both claim to be linear and neutral ... :D

I also will adjust the general volume settings / velocities / expression in an upcoming polished version.

Thanks a lot for your congratulations! I wish you a great and happy new year 2016 and all the best

This is one of my favorite chord progressions. The song is very catchy! I like the melodies and counter melodies.
I miss listening to your music. Are you planning to make more songs?

LunacyEcho responds:

It's quite a fun chord progression, isn't it? :D It's basically another super-major-catchy-poppy chord progression that I enjoy using XD

I'm definitely going to write more songs! I'm just going through a bit of a busy period in school right now, haha. Thanks for the review! :D

This was my first pick in the contest. I love the theme that this song depicts in a short amount of time. It reminds me of one of my favorite hunter x hunter songs! I like all the instrument choices, and the waves are so simple but they add so much depth to the track.

AED-4 responds:

Hey, thanks a lot ^^! Your songs were awesome too.

This song sounds so much better with a story behind it! I finally understand the intro and outro. I was wrong when I said the outro shouldn't be conclusive because I didn't realize this was a story. I still don't like the intro but it makes sense now. The song is very catchy, has a great rhythm, and a great line up of soundfonts. I'm glad I voted for it.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks BlueOceans! :D Yeah, I felt with people not sure on the why things can become a little disjointed. I'll be for sure to take that into consideration for the next round. Make it more..listenable.

Thanks again!!

It's been a long time since I heard a song with equalizer automations on the master track; I really like it. I didn't like the way the lead cut off at :51. Maybe you could have faded it out or continued it with a lower volume. The song sounds very repetitive, but I know that your options were limited because this is a remix. The vocals are difficult to hear and I can hear some extra noise, which I assume is coming from them. The mixing is great and and it sounds like you got the volumes levels right. This might be strange, but the bass and hi hats are my favorite aspects of the song. I like how they worked together rhythmically.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Thank you very much for the in depth review Blue! See ya around :)

I really liked the song and it has a lot of emotion, but I think you compressed it way too much. I can barely hear a difference between the soft and hard hitting notes.

I think the final chord at the ending was a mistake, it gave the song conclusion, which in my opinion, contradicts the mood of the song.

pftq responds:

Hm I didn't really use any compression here. Might just be my playing as my new keyboard is hard to play softly on. Yeah, I ran out of ideas towards the end there haha

The mixing and mastering of this song amazed me. How can you have so many loud in your face instruments that are all playing simultaneously sound so clear and separated?

Sequenced responds:

a magician never spoils his secrets

I love the way you used delay in this song :D

The synths, especially the bass, are very interesting.

My favorite part was at 2:18

The song title could have been better. In my opinoin, the song's emotions are curiosity, wonder, and confusion.

Sequenced responds:

i really don't care about song titles

It sounds like a song Zedd would make, was he your inspiration for this song?

Sequenced responds:

sadly, not

I didn't like the transition at 1:26. That could have been much better.

I love the bassline, and I'm glad you changed the bass pattern this time so it's not just a kick followed by a bass note.

This song is so happy and emotional. It does make me think of the new year. I really like this one, however I wish this song was longer and had more of the chorus.

viewtifulday responds:

We're happy you approve

Hi. I'm an orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com

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