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The drops have interesting sound design. I really like the automation on the dubstepy synths.

I think you could learn a lot by trying to compose minimalist music for a while. Using fewer instruments and effects forces you to focus on establishing hierarchies (as in, what you want your listener to focus on and what you want to be more in the background), filling up the frequency spectrum within the composition. and ensuring all the instruments have adequate breathing room.

Benji-G responds:

Thanks! Yeah, this song (and this album in particular), I mainly created because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I mean by a lot. I used to only make house and stuff like that, but this album contains so many different genres I've always wanted to try out.
After the album is finished, which it soon is, I'm gonna start making songs where I mainly focus on the meaning of the songs. It could be a certain emotion, or a story, etc. Songs that don't have to be intense or powerful, but kinda like you mentioned. You know, keeping things a bit simpler.
But yeah, thanks anyway! :]
Maybe I explained a little too much haha

I like the cute innocent vibes.

wilidacious responds:

thank you!

This is very relaxing, and the layered vocals are so lush. I like the small surprise around 2:09


Congrats to the winners!

I had a very smooth listening experience until the 4:07 point. I love the build up, arrangement, and instrumentation. Despite your setbacks, I think you did a remarkably good job. You're improving quite quickly, and I think that when your mixing, sound quality, and humanization skills improve a bit more, you'll create masterpieces. It's no easy feat to create a song structure like this that is so engaging.

AlbeGian responds:

Thank you Everratic!! Yeah that weird kinda-unfitting key change at 4:07 was my last attempt on trying to go back to the main key that the song had been holding on until that key change at the climax hahah
I'm flattered that you think I could create masterpieces, thank you for that too. I always seem to be stuck with my non-perfect mixing & mastering knowledge and never achieve an improvement which may be a bit frustrating for me, but I'm sure I'll someday have that eureka moment that makes me realize how to do it well. Glad you liked the song, thank you again!!

I really enjoy listening to this. There are many awesome melodies and solos, and the leads sound extremely expressive. I like the 2000s video game sound quality for the most part - it's indeed charming. There's a lot of variation and complexity, so the listening experience is constantly stimulating. 3:30 is one of my favorite moments.

Mackievellian responds:

Thanks Everratic for the nice comments. Glad you enjoyed it, man.

I love it! It's so light and intimate. I imagined sitting in a fancy bar prior to reading the description, so you did a good job following the theme! I didn't pay attention to the humanization of the instruments during my first few listens, which is rare for me, so that means it's excellent.

Also, I sent you a time sensitive message on discord last week.

The song makes me feel like I'm dreaming of my childhood, a time when life was so simple, and I was oblivious to the world's problems and all the unnecessary suffering people must endure.

After a perfect track record of being wrong, I think I know who will win the competition this year.

Phonometrologist responds:

Then you and I are on the same wavelengths. Thank you for being so consistent in letting me know your thoughts. Hopefully you're thinking AlbeGian or Mackievellian is going to win so as to keep your track record perfect ;)

This is so lively and fun to listen to! The drumming is excellent, and the lyrics are sung in a way that perfectly matches the mood of the composition. The very ending is perfect.

LunacyEcho responds:

funny you say that about an ending! originally, we never actually recorded an ending, but this was for an ohc, so in the last few minutes, i spliced together clips from what i had and thought it actually didn't sound too bad so kept it in for this updated version. thanks for listening!

I find this to be an interesting contrast to some of your other recent work that seems to transcend the concerns of individual humans.

The piano playing is excellent, and the violin has a rich tone and highly emotional vibrato at times, like at 2:39 - 2:44.

Although I understand the importance of the chord progression to you, it's too familiar for me to have much of an emotional reaction to it. I think you did a great job with the piece for what it is though.

I'm generally anti-religion due to my horrific experiences with orthodox Judaism, but I can appreciate art influenced by a more positive and healthy religious philosophy. I'm glad you shared such a personal song.

Phonometrologist responds:

This piece reflects a time of where I was a decade ago as I mimic my older style of writing when I was young in terms of tone. The progression represents that certain musical zeitgeist of the mid-2000s so I know what you mean about being familiar with it.

Regarding religious influences, it isn’t my purpose to convince anyone. If I were to be honest about who I am to people through music, it is only natural to reveal my identity that is in Christ. It merely reflects that, and if I would say anything less that would be to deceive you. Something as intimate as music requires honesty. If I were to be honest, all my music reflects the world I see through the lens of Christianity even in atonality. Thank you for being gracious in your transparency. Regarding treatment from people with different backgrounds, all we want is respect and kindness. I feel shame when I meet people that grew up in households of abuse under the guise of religion. Brutes do that and sometimes it is out of fear for that is the opposite of love.
If I had a music teacher that scarred me, it would be difficult not to have a negative connotation toward music. But just as in everything else, music requires self-study. We cannot rely on others to give us an understanding of why we should like music. We simply ought to listen and play music for ourselves. Eventually when we develop that relationship and commitment to music, we begin to find others with the same love and commitment to the music that we have also loved and were committed to first. Music was my first love, but it isn’t my greatest.

Hi. I'm a self-taught orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com


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