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I love it!

I disagree with the comment on dissonance — it sounds fine to me. The melody has a lot of personality thanks to the unexpected harmony.

I like a lot of the effects such as the delays and weird vibrato. The energetic percussion and chord progression gives the song many happy vibes. I kept hoping there would be a IV>iv because the song reminds me of my song "Reconstruction", and I used the IV>iv there, but I know that wouldn't be appropriate here. My one gripe is that when there is extreme opposite panning on two vocal lines, the left side feels heavier because the vocals are in a lower register. I'm not sure how that could be done differently though. I enjoy this a lot :D

johnfn responds:

There IS a IV>iv!! I put it in there only twice because I didn't want to overuse it ;-)

Thanks for the review though :D

Nice, you chose the same art as I did last year :D

"Departure" has some Starwars vibes, which is not an easy feat to pull off. I like the use of runs and the orchestration in general. The loud cymbals make the track sound very open.

The transition to "In the Storm" is smooth. I really like the use of trills in this section.

In "Clear Waters", I think the arrangement could use some work. The choir sounds a bit awkward carrying the melody because it lacks definition, and the glockenspiel also feels inadequate for this task as it lacks sustain and a strong pitch. I notice an absence of bass frequencies in this section, which diminishes its impact.

"Seafight" reminds me of "He's a Pirate". I like the huge percussion here. I still feel a lack of bass, which reduces the power of what seems to be the song's climax? The percussion seems like it's above the melodic instruments frequency-wise. Although the loud percussion is nice, I would also like the melody to be the main focus. And speaking of melodies, the melodies in this section kinda feel like placeholders to me. You clearly achieved your goal of depicting a sea fight, but I think more could be done to make the section memorable and striking.

"Farewell" doesn't evoke much emotion for me. The chord progression feels one that would be used in ambient music. I do like the instrumentation and the contrast in this area though.

This was an ambitious challenge and your composition lives up to the section titles for the most part. I enjoyed listening to it and look forward to hearing more from you. This review might seem more negative relative to my other AIM reviews, but that's mainly because I'm much more familiar with your style of music so I naturally have more to say.

KevinMueller responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed and very helpful review. I really appreciate it!

The absence of bass in "Clear Waters" is somewhat on purpose, as it provides contrast to the very bass heavy section "In the Storm".

You're right, I should definitely work on my pirate melodies :)

Farewell was intended to sound like it's played by the crew onboard, using some traditional instruments like the Hurdy Gurdy. I strived a bit of this path, because I've never really worked with non-symphonic instruments, which is possibly why the sections' intention is a bit unclear.

I'm glad you liked it and I'm thankful for the advice you gave me.

This is amazing! I love wavy and distortion effects. I'm really curious as to what kind of masterpiece you can create with a modern library like Albion Tundra.

You captured the futuristic city vibes very well! It feels like you even captured the absence of charm and individuality one often finds in older cities. In your interpretation of the art, I'm wondering if the character has lived there for a long time or if she's visiting and perhaps the song embodies her first impressions.

I like the eargasmic expression of the leads. The sound design is excellent.

There are some awesome countermelodies, and I like the way the main lead is highlighted with panning effects.

The bass that comes in around 0:36 doesn't seem to fit comfortably in the mix. I wish I could comment more on the mix but I'm not remotely familiar enough with this genre.

Congrats on a great entry!

ChronoNomad responds:

Hey, thanks for dropping my first review on this puppy, EverErratic! As I recall, you also reviewed my previous Synthwave excursion, so I really appreciate it. Even if you haven't delved into this particular genre yourself (yet), I'm glad that you enjoy it!

I personally feel like she's used to sprawling cities like this, so even if it's a new environment, she just knows how to adapt. While many people feel uncomfortable being in a new place *cough* like me *cough*, she can just make herself at home...wherever! Even living on the literal edge holds no fear for her. I kind of admire that kind of nonchalant recklessness, even if I don't necessarily espouse it.

You had me at "eargasmic expression of the leads." Thanks a million, man! The leads are vital, and if they're solid, well...then I deem that a rousing success! Everything else is there to be heard, but it's for the sake of caressing those luscious leads.

I put a lot of time and effort into fleshing out those countermelodies, and I'm glad I did. Honestly, I can't believe it took me this long to complete the project, but I guess a world in turmoil can make it more difficult to find and maintain one's focus. Really happy to finally put a pin in it.

Not really sure how to address the bass changes around the :36 mark. It sounds great to me, but maybe it's just a difference of artistic opinion. I wanted to start the bass off pretty simple, then ramp it up a bit when I added the percussion and various other layers. Maybe others will weigh in on the bass, 'cause now I'm curious!

Thank you once again, my man! I haven't really checked out many of the other entries yet, but now that this is finalized I can give some more attention to the listening side of things.

This is great. I like the atmosphere, strings, and piano :D

Look up "Ben Osterhouse" and more specifically "Sospiro Strings". I think you could find it very useful and it's inexpensive.

This sounds nice as usual.

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you :)

Your songs with lyrics are always so amusing. The "denile" line made me laugh. The melodies are all wonderful.

LunacyEcho responds:

thank you!! tbh the verse melodies were mostly improvised; it took like half the time just to come up with good lyrics for different bodies of water

This is wonderful. I love the luscious reverb. The vocal harmonies are quite pleasing.

TeraVex responds:

Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing them!.. Singing them was a different story, but I'm glad that it came out listenable!

I enjoyed this a lot. I’m glad you’re making music again!

Zelgeon responds:

Hey, we have never stopped creating, we just been struggling to finish stuff/had to prioritize other things, i promise much more music will come out this year :DD

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