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This is a great description, and it effectively draws me in. The song evokes a sense of mournfulness, yet it's still fairly busy, which symbolizes the military aggression. You're really good at enhancing the mood of your tracks with vocals, and I like the variety of instruments! This is a very meaningful and deep track.

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your review, BlueOceans. :)

I listened to this on loop while thinking about something totally, and wow, the rhythm of your song seemed to accelerate my thinking and it helped me get to the root of the issue :)

I love this kind of music. It's very passive, but simultaneously, there is enough depth to enjoy it from an analytical perspective. Your sound design skills are excellent; some of the darker, apocalyptic sounds are very pleasing. And all the elements of the track together create a nice musical texture.

This song is particular gives me a vivid visual. It reminds me of the action from the dystopian story, "Divergent", which I think you read :)

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your review, BlueOceans! I love Divergent. The fluidly of this track was inspired by Tangerine Dream musical style. The beats and synths were inspired Haujobb and Depeche Mode.

Thanks again for your review!

This is the masterpiece of a genius. You creatively combined two styles in an unprecedented manner: the style of a classically trained pianist juxtaposed with the style of someone who's musically inept. You were even cognizant enough to dabble with the sustain peddle to create a middle ground. This is extraordinary work! :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, which is another way of saying I just sat by the piano and din random stuff xD
But nothing you said is technically false, so well described xD
Thanks for reviewing!

I really like the introduction; instead of gradually introducing and creating themes, you fade the listener into a preexisting musical world. There is a pleasant, airy ambiance that has a strong presence yet is difficult to discern; it makes me visualize a sky world. The slightly distorted flute does a nice job at foreshadowing the trap nature of the track.

The bass sounds very crisp, and the drums sound light and clean, which further establishes the sky world visual for me. And the drum rolls are well-done and very pleasing!

The melodies themselves aren’t that interesting, but the pitch bends and automations vitalize them, and the choir pad creates a nice harmony. The piano also enriches the atmosphere and adds passivity to the track.

I have no problems with the mix.

I like the ending, but I think I would have kept more elements toward the very end. I understand why you chose to keep the static reverb atmosphere, but why did you fade out almost everything else? To me, it unnecessarily contradicts the lighthearted introduction.

This is a fantastic track! :)

midimachine responds:

hey thanks for the review! i've really enjoyed using these processed flute samples a lot lately.
honestly can't say i put a whole lot of thought into the ending, and in retrospect there are a bunch of things i could've done differently to improve it.

i really appreciate the comment about fading into a preexisting musical world. i feel like fade-in intros are underutilised or improperly used a lot of the time so it's good to know that i'm on the right track with it here. the piano is also sampled from a previous track (hence the II in the title), so the connection to another musical world is *actually* there as well!


This is so soothing and relaxing. I could listen to this on loop for an hour. In fact, I'll do just that during my next art class.

I hope you two collaborate again! :D

I'm currently going through depression and this song effectively reflects my emotional state during my worst days. The slower parts of the song portray the raw emotions, whereas the busier parts of the song portray the surge of irrational thoughts and fears.

I'm usually extremely apathetic, and it carries over into my music listening; thus, I can only listen to music critically during these times. Today I happen to be able to listen to music with emotion, and I'm so glad that I discovered this song now.

Please continue the great work!

I have my windows open, and the rain provided a nice ambiance for the track :D This is fairly repetitive, but I get the impression that this isn't the type of music that should be listened to too analytically. Anyway, there is enough variation to retain/regain my interest.

The sound design is well done, and the mix sounds reverby and spacious. The mix and the sound design both serve to establish an extraterrestrial theme, for me at least.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Rain <3 Funny enough, back then this was my attempt at creating some kind of house-like groove. At the time I was fascinated with deep house and minimal, atmospheric arrangements, so I wanted to experiment in that direction. Personally, I could do better, but I digress. It still was from 2 years ago. Thank you for your review. :)

This was quite relaxing, and it's also very catchy.

There is absolutely no way this track deserves 0 stars. Just ignore the jealous trolls. I tried to help out, but my voting power is weak.

This was a fantastic experience. While listening to the song, I reflected on my own life instead of actually analyzing the song, and few songs can make me do that. The song did seem repetitive, but in a good way. The repetition reinforces the visuals for me.

The vocals are marvelous, and they are the highlight of the song for me. The drum beats are astounding as well; they have so much depth, variation, and modulation. The song has a great progression. Some parts demand your attention, while others allow you to listen passively, which serves as a break from all the action. This is definitely one of my favorite songs of yours!

The story in your description is very inspirational :)

Zoonotist responds:

thank you very much for your review!

i like to interpret the music as if they tell or represent some sort of story. in order to get such inspiration for such storytelling technique i usually get them from my daily life. since i have pretty much close-to-zero properties on me, beside a beat-up Civic packed with some necessities, i pretty much have to find inspirations from every single shit i did, do and gonna do. it doesn't matter of the listeners find the description hysterical when they read it. because all these shits are 100% happened and happening every single day. the same routines that i have to pass in order to survive. so i prefer my listeners to feel my stories rather than some imaginative crackpot story about flying dragon or phoenix.

people can choose not to read it if they find them strange or disturbing, i don't really give a fuck. but i like to have the audiences feel what a composer felt, because every work of such musician ever written are part of his memories and is the evidence of his existence. you can see me as an existentialist, cos i take terror management theory very seriously.

but those are just my 2 cents.

Hi. I'm a self-taught orchestral composer. For commissions and other inquiries, contact me here or at everratc@gmail.com


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