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I love the main melody; it's quite catchy and powerful! The dynamics are fantastic. As I said on chips compo, this is by far your most memorable track (of the ones I listened to). I think it's too early to make predictions about which track will win, but I expect this to get top 5 at least.

I didn't even notice that you took inspiration from Miyo, but I can see it now. Miyo is also the prime inspiration for one of my tracks in this compo, haha.

1f1n1ty responds:

Eyyy BO thanks for dropping by <3

I don't know exactly what series of decision I made to allow this melody to sell more than all the other ones I wrote, but I'm sure with more experience I'll know it intuitively

This is quite a complex song. There are so many things I can pay attention to at any particular moment. I kinda feel like there’s somewhat too much stimuli at times. It makes the track interesting, but I think it detracts from the catchiness. I feel like some of the transitions just barely work thanks to a lack of dynamic contrast. I like all the drum beats; there’s a lot of nice variation there. I found this to interesting and overall pleasant, but it just doesn’t fit my taste as much as your music usually does. Bear in mind that I’ve never been very fond of this genre, so I may have a very different opinion from the judges. This ngadm has been fantastic, and I’m glad that one of my very favorite NG musicians made it to the finals :)

johnfn responds:


Great story!

This is so catchy. I found this to actually be inspirational, since it has typical trance sounds that I like, but it's not super repetitive and it doesn't have a slow progression.

wow, I'm blown away by how much you improved the track. This is one of the most pleasant pieces of music I listened to in a while. You're incredibly talented. I think this would have won the compo by a landslide if you submitted this version.

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you BO! Yeah, I had only worked on it for 2 days before I submitted it to chips, and also all the feedback I got during it helped a LOT. I'm happy that it ultimately got the attention it deserves.

The atmosphere is lovely!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why thank you ;)))

I found this to be one of your most interesting tracks! I hope you win :D

Mooke responds:

Thanks for the review BlueOceans.

congratulations on the win!

1f1n1ty responds:

thanks BO :D

I love it <3 It's really the best version I ever heard :D The layered vocals are spectacular, and the piano arrangement gives the song a refreshing sound. This is a great use of the una corda :D

Thank you so much!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

We're glad you liked it! Thanks, and Happy Birthday once again ^___^

This is relaxing :)

broove responds:

Thank you for listening.

Hi, I compose orchestral music. I'm open to commissions. everratc@gmail.com


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