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This is phenomenal! Reverb isn't usually something that stands out in a track, but the way it's used here is glorious.

larrynachos responds:

I think I actually paid attention to the reverb settings on each insert, instead of just fiddling with the wet knob until I liked it

This is very relaxing to listen to :D The atmosphere and sound design is nice. The main thing I dislike is that the piano playing sounds unrealistic.

SplatterDash responds:

Thank you so much for the review! Ultimately the piano playing most likely sounds unrealistic because of the balance I was trying to achieve between the device and the brightness (not sounding too dark while also sounding realistic), but it's apparent I gave priority to one over the other lol. Really happy that you enjoyed this :)

The sound design and production are impeccable, and I love the chord progression as well!

The only thing that bothered me is that I feel like the main melody was never presented in a manner that would make it shine and become an earworm. The drops, with the competing melodic phrases, are lovely, but I wish there was another busy section in which the main melody could be perceived as playing continuously without competing elements.

I think the final drop would have sounded great with a +2 key change; it would sound super cheesy though :p

The mood of the song reflects the art perfectly!

endKmusic responds:

Yeah, I guess that's one of the things I should work on more for sure, since I always tend to do something different in each part (which is not always a good thing).
It's kinda always been that way .____.
Thanks for the review! <3

"as it has many flaws in its current state,"

wow, I suck at finding flaws apparently.

stardew responds:

haha, thanks a bunch BlueOceans :^)

the only thing i still kinda wanna touch up is the beginning, i've noticed a few odd chords (although they may only be odd to me, idk).

The first half sounds like a foray, and the second half sounds triumphant; I guess that the subject successfully accomplished a clandestine mission. This is a wonderful track. I'm still amazed at how effectively you can tell stories in such a short amount of time.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! Fortunately this time I had video to score to!

I think I noticed the following pattern of different emotional states: blissful love, grief, hope, and despair. It's amazing how seamlessly the song switches between them.

I envision a story where two people fall in love, but tragedy strikes one of them, and the other ultimately fails to save the stricken one.

Bosa responds:

Ah, a great image! I am very glad that the music can tell the story for you :)

I like the atmosphere. The movement of the pads feels like ocean waves. Most of the percussion sounds well-mixed, and the percussive rhythms are nice.

There's one thing that bothers me a lot about the mix. Maybe it's the fault of my headphones, but it feels like the sub bass frequencies are panned ever-so-slightly to the left, which gets really annoying. This might not reflect what you observe in your DAW; it's just an impression I got while listening.

Most of the melodic phrases felt lifeless to me; it didn't seem like they were trying to express anything. The vibes this song evokes are mostly vague.

With that said, I rarely listen to house music, so maybe the things I dislike are actually conventional qualities.

This is really cool. I like the addition of orchestral instrumentation. The production is mostly good. The mix sounds clean and the instruments sound like they're upfront. With that said, sometimes the bass instruments have way too much bass and are generally too loud, and they obstruct the rest of the track. The percussion is great, but I find it odd that the melodic rhythms are so basic, and a lot of melodic notes are fully sustained. The melodic and percussive rhythms should work together. When you use grace notes with orchestral instruments (the woodwind in this case), try to refrain from just using them wherever they sound good. There should be a purpose for it; it should be treated as a special articulation, not a default or secondary one. Overall, I enjoyed the piece and found it to be interesting.

Hedrix responds:

Thank you and I usually have the bass loud because for some reason its fine when I have headphones on, but when I take them off there is no bass

This is really catchy, and I love the sound design. The mixing seems perfect to me. The leads sound so luscious, and the vibrato automation is really nice. The loop is just under a minute, yet it's still quite a complex piece. The arrangement has more than enough variation to keeps things interesting.

endKmusic responds:

Glad that the mix worked out well since I put just a few hours of work inside of this one.
In some cases it's better not to overcomplicate that much I guess.
Thanks for the review BO! :)

I'm amazed at how much emotion this short track evokes. Wow! Shortly before I heard the ending, I looked at the waveform and thought "there's no way this is going to end on a conclusive note", but you managed to pull it off!

Bosa responds:

Thank you very much! Yes, somehow it happened!

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