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Hello, I'm an orchestral/classical composer. I was formerly known as BlueOceans.
You can contact me here or at everratic@gmail.com


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Posted by Everratic - December 27th, 2018

Hello, I'm writing this post to let everyone know that I changed my artist name from BlueOceans to Everratic. The main reason for this is that BlueOceans isn't a searchable name; search engines will assume one is searching for actual blue oceans, and the name is also extremely generic. It took a long time to come up with a new name I was content with, and I have to thank EverReverb for  giving me some inspiration. I liked the idea behind his name, and I thought about what I could pair "ever-" with to make it suit my style. Erratic was the best word I could think of. Everratic is short for "Ever-erratic", and that represents how frequently I change genres, how fast my style can evolve, and more. Since I was changing my name, I thought it would be a good idea to create new graphics for my social media pages.

Here are links to my new youtube and facebook pages. 


Thanks for reading this and for the support! 


If you discovered my music just recently, I recommend checking out this post where I list my best songs to date.


Posted by Everratic - October 7th, 2018

I publish almost every song I make to newgrounds, with little regard for relative quality, and for that reason, I thought I should provide of a list of my very best songs so that my new followers don't have to listen to everything to find the "gems". 

1. Serenity of the Forest - My solo submission for AIM 2018. 

2. To Save You - Collab with LucidShadowDreamer and 2nd place in AIM 2018.

3. Awaking from a Dreamy Slumber - Collab with Spadezer for ChipsCompo

4. Blind to the Storm - A submission for ChipsCompo

5. Paralysis - My submission for NGUAC round 2. 

6. When Leaves Fall - A submission for ChipsCompo

7. Will You Marry Me? - Collab with Ectisity for ChipsCompo. 

8. Boundless - A submission for ChipsCompo

9. Reverb Dreams - A submission for ChipsCompo

10. Animate - An introductory song



Posted by Everratic - September 17th, 2017

I decided to compile a list of my very most favorite songs on NG, mainly because it's annoying to look through my long favorites list that spans about 6 years. These are not necessarily the songs that I think are best, but rather, the ones that left the greatest impressions on me. 

1. Destination - johnfn

2. Cloud City - DuttonsaysHi

3. i believe - johnfn

4. Real Life Absurdities - steampianist

5. i can see you now - johnfn

6. redemption - johnfn

7. Time Slows Down - johnfn

8. Threnody for Innocence - LucidShadowDreamer and SnowTeddy

9. Wake the Dawn - bassfiddlejones and joshgawaldomusic

10. In Love With the Wind - LucidShadowDreamer

11. Enslaved To The Pain - Lich

12. Moon Odyssey - Ectisity 

13. Colour Color Farge Coleur - Ectisity 

14. A City Not Forsaken - Phonometrologist 

15. goodthing - midimachine

16. Gladiolus - etherealwinds

17. How to Have a Perfect Day - Miyolophone

18. Sunset Silicon Sector - SnowTeddy